Edan Gelt Launches Minute of Marketing

At a time when businesses and entrepreneurs are struggling to survive and marketing budgets are being cut, Edan Gelt, a 20-year marketing veteran, offers DIY marketing support and advice through a new video and blog series, Minute of Marketing.

The 1 – 2 minute videos were created to help businesses stay afloat during the pandemic with no-cost or low-cost tools to feature brand value and awareness without an agency or outside marketing help.

The YouTube series shares tips ranging from how video marketing is the King of Online Content to what social and digital channels curated videos should be posted on for the best reach. She not only explains how each strategy works by why. Using video as an example, she shared that current and potential customers consumed more than 80-minutes of video everyday in 2019 and that number will jump to 100-minutes in 2020. She doesn’t want you to just take her word that video works but why the medium is so important.

Other of Gelt’s topics include the Law of Reciprocity and the Power of Free and how to use those marketing strategies in combination with video assets. Additional marketing tips and tricks are offered each week.

Her written blogs support the Minute of Marketing content with a more detailed and comprehensive plan for implementation.

Edan Gelt is known for practicing what she preaches and has created several self branded tools, including her website and several social outlets to share with her audience on how simple it can be to brand a person or a business.

In a recent seminar, Gelt noted “I don’t recommend anything I can’t put into action or figure out myself when it comes to self marketing. Your company reputation is your brand so you need to control the narrative by staying involved and keeping your finger on the pulse of online and traditional opportunities”.

Edan Gelt offers pro-bono marketing strategies and support to businesses in her community that are struggling with the impact of COVID-19. Stay tuned for upcoming content and live seminars with Gelt regarding do-it-yourself public relations, direct mail for less, partnerships to expand value and more.

Edan Gelt currently serves as the Director of Marketing for a title insurance company. Her role includes satisfying the marketing demands of the company as well as partnering affiliate brands.

Gelt handles the public relations, partner growth support, strategic planning, marketing, brand strategy, and implementation of business initiatives.

For over a decade, Edan ran her own marketing agency focusing on real estate, retail, restaurants, small service businesses and entertainment venues. She was also the marketing director for several shopping centers in the Chicagoland area. She began her career marketing Woodfield Shopping Center in Schaumburg, Illinois, one of the Midwest’s largest enclosed malls.

Edan Gelt’s experience is unique in that she understands both entrepreneur and corporate perspectives and has achieved positive results for both sides. She has extensive experience in diverse marketing mediums, offering insight on market research, public relations, advertising, special events, direct marketing, digital communications and branding and more.

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