Ways to Increase Holiday Sales

Edan Gelt Communications

Start Early

According to Experian, 69 percent of sales teams stated they started planning holiday campaigns by August. You can drive traffic for your holiday programming by building an email list and incentivizing shoppers to sign up for deals and steals during the season.  Maybe even offer an incentive for signing up – the incentive could be a free gift or the promise that they will be the first to know the Holiday season, follow up with your new customers 30-35% of shoppers are repeat buyers so follow up with shoppers, even after the holidays.  If possible analyze what they like and offer them similar items.  The more positive experiences a shopper has, the more loyal they will become to your brand.

Be Mobile Friendly

Mobile devices drive 56% of all internet traffic. Mobile traffic also accounted for 31% of all online sales on Cyber Monday in 2016. Interestingly, 70% of the total conversions in 2015 were made on a desktop. Only 20% were made on mobile devices. This is likely due to slow, un-responsive mobile sites. According to Google, 29% of shoppers leave mobile sites immediately if the page does not satisfy their needs. Some websites saw a conversion increase of 2% after cutting down their load time by four seconds.

A few tips to being more mobile friendly.  1.  Make sure your images are formatted correctly. A large image will kill page load time. 2. Limit the number of checkout steps. Reduce the number of taps required to checkout by including logins through social media. Including an option to log in via Facebook will reduce content that is not related to the purchase at checkout. This simple change can eliminate an entire step of the checkout process. 23% of people abandon retailer sites because they were required to create an account. Allow first-time buyers the option to check out as a guest to move them to the payment information page faster.

Create Urgent Calls-To-Action

A good way to nudge shoppers towards the checkout is to create a sense of urgency. Urgent calls to action provoke the shopper to buy now instead of leaving to comparison shop. Create limited time offers, notices of scarcity, price increases etc.  An effective use of a countdown timer may psychologically encourage a shopper to buy now or miss out. This can also be done with perks – a notice of “Free Shipping” that ends on an upcoming date also requires the shopper to take action to take advantage of the offer.

Another call to action is by creating urgency through scarcity.  If a limited amount of products are available, it pushes the shopper to act now.  This can be done with “low stock” notice or “only 1 left”. A simple “checkout now” button on these pop-ups is beneficial for the shopper.

That’s a Wrap

Holiday is the most important time of the year for retailers. Make the most of it!  And most importantly, track data, you’ll need it next year!

By:  Edan Gelt, MBA, CMD

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